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My Qualifications
Commercial Inspection Objective
Commercial Property Research and Due Diligence

My Qualifications

For over 35 years, I have managed, directed, and maintained extensive commercial buildings and know and understand first hand exactly what is critical and important from a facility standpoint, and the impact the facility has on the success of a business. 

Additionally, I am a InterNACHI Certified Commercial Inspector

This extensive experience can be a real advantage for your inspection needs

Call me and lets discuss your specific needs for a Commercial Inspection

     Commercial Inspection Objective

The objective of my inspection is to provide written communication describing the issues discovered from observations made and research conducted.  Proving information to enhance the client's knowledge about the commercial property, such that their decisions to buy, sell, maintain, or improve the property is based upon the best information available.


As a member of InterNACHI, the most prestigious and recognized Home & Commercial Inspection Association  in the world, I follow and abide by their Commercial Inspection Standards

 The complete STANDARD (SOP) can be reviewed at this link

There are two major sections of the SOP 

  • The FIRST section covers all the major elements of the building inspection.  A brief summary of those elements is identified below:
      • Roof
      • Exterior
      • Wood Decks and Balconies
      • Basements, Foundations, and Craw spaces
      • Heating and Ventilation
      • Cooling
      • Plumbing
      • Electrical
      • Fireplaces
      • Attic Ventilation and Insulation
      • Doors, Windows, Interior
      • Life Safety
      • Cooking Areas
    • This section of the inspection is referred to as the “Walk Through”.  A more detailed summary of these inspection items can be found at this link Commercial Inspection Walkthrough.
    • Some clients want to know exactly what is and what is not inspected.  Consequently, a complete summary of this section of the inspection, which details exactly what is and what is not inspected can be found at this link
      Commercial Inspection Walkthrough Detailed Summary.

  • The SECOND section is a summary of the research and due diligence that may be performed on the subject property


It is expected that the client will review these two sections of the Standard SOP and select which items from each list is deemed most important to their requirements and needs.

  1. Typically, all aspects of the inspection are  performed as part of an inspection, but only certain research items are selected.
  2. Exactly what research should be included is based upon the budget, time constraints, purpose of the inspection, age of the subject property, and risk tolerance the client is willing to accept.  The total level of due diligence should not exceed the value of that information.

Commercial Property Research and Due Diligence

A critical part of the commercial inspection is the ability to conduct research.  This involves asking the right questions, recording data correctly, and then effectively summarizing that data and presenting it in a manner that is clear, concise, and effective for the client.

The main objective of this research is to augment the information obtained during the walkthrough survey and to provide supporting documentation to the inspection report.

I have worked as an engineer and engineering manager for many years.  Collecting research, properly summarizing that data, and being able to present it in an effective manner is simply, second nature to me.  Collecting the right data involves selecting the right people, with the right information.  Often this will be the building manager, but may include many others.  Additionally, In an effort to effectively collect the required data, often pre-inspection questionnaires are required. 



 Examples of documents the client may choose to include as part of the inspection


    • Accessibility surveys
    • Appraisals
    • Building plans
    • Certificates of occupancy
    • Citations
    • Deck age records, plans and construction permits.
    • Deck and balcony maintenance, power washing, painting, treating, repair and modification history
    • Emergency evacuation plans
    • Environmental studies
    • Evacuation drill records
    • Fire detection test and maintenance records
    • Fire door inspection reports
    • Fire prevention plans
    • Fire extinguisher service records
    • Fire records
    • Flame resistant certificates
    • Flood plane maps
    • Floor plans
    • Kitchen grease cleaning records
    • Kitchen post fire inspections
    • Maintenance records
    • Manufacturer's installation instructions
    • Notices
    • Permits
    • Power washing records
    • Previous inspection reports
    • Proposals
    • Rent records
    • Repair estimates/invoices
    • Safety inspection records
    • Seller disclosures
    • Sprinkler head replacement records
    • Utility bills
    • Warranties


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