Fix & Flip Inspection

In your repair or rebuilding of an investment property, you want to make sure that the workmanship meets applicable safety and effectiveness requirements before putting the home back on the market. 


Let Beneath The Shadows Home Inspections do a thorough home inspection as part of your fix and flip process.  If you deem that only certain elements of a home needs to be inspected,  I am also available for partial inspections.  Check out the fees page identified below with the link button.


A typical full inspection covers all the major elements and components of a home and is discussed below. 

Why have a Home Inspection on an Investment Property?

A home inspection is a professional, objective, visual examination of the condition of a home. Investors getting ready to return a property to the market view a home inspection as an excellent way to gain valuable information about their property.  Many have come to realize the advantages  an inspection can be to their business.  They have learned that it can be used as an excellent selling feature, besides providing an in-depth analysis of the home prior to being put back on the market, thus helping to minimize their legal exposure.  It also can be used as an excellent tool in evaluating whether the repair work done on the home was completed to applicable safety and effectiveness industry standards.  Should any defects or problems be identified, the investor can repair these items prior to putting the home back on the market, thus eliminating the potential loss of a sale or additional down time. 

With every inspection, a detailed report is generated which is very effective in helping to sell the home.  A copy of the report can be given to perspective buyers which often eliminates them from having their own inspection done.

It is important to understand and remind these perspective buyers that an inspection done by a NACHI certified inspector is completely unbiased and what is observed during the inspection is what is reported, regardless of who pays for the inspection.  I am bound by both the NACHI code of ethics as well as my personal code.

My report will also highlight the positive aspects of a home. In fact, many of the home inspector's observations or recommendations help to dispel home purchaser anxieties, and provides an array of helpful information.

The home inspection should not be confused with an appraisal, a municipal code inspection, an environmental audit, or a home owner's warranty.

A complete home inspection should cover all of the major systems of a house, including structure, exterior, roofing, electrical, heating, cooling, insulation, plumbing and interior.


      Below is a list of some of the many items I inspect during your home inspection

      (The list is not intended to be inclusive of all items inspected, but to give an example of some of the major items inspected)           

    (insulation, ventilation, rafters, joists and collar ties, trusses, wiring attachments, and other visible related items)
    Basement, and Crawl Space
    (insulation, ventilation, posts, vapor barriers, utility attachment, structural items, floors and walls, and columns)
    Foundation and Support Structure
    (structural integrity, deterioration, adequacy of support structure)
    (flue vent operational, fire safety)
    Roof Systems
    (shingles, flashings, chimneys, vents, trim and gutters, drip edges, skylights, down spouts, and other visible roof related items)
    Basement Seepage
    Safety Controls
    (smoke alarms, trip hazards, window egress)
    Furnace and Heat Systems
    (furnace, air cleaning system)
    Water Heater
    (exhaust gas vent lines, pressure relief valve, leaks, safety strapping)
    (adequate combustion air, exhaust fans, hole house fans)
     (floors and ceilings, walls, stairs (if applicable) and banisters, finishes, sinks, cabinets, shelving, built-in appliances, smoke detectors and safety-related items, and other visible interior-related components)
    Electrical Capacity & Components
    (service entry and clearances, service panel, switches and outlets, visible wiring and junction boxes, grounding system, and other related electrical components)  
    Structural Integrity
    (cracks, settling, soil upheaval)
    Steps and Stairs
    (railings, safety requirements, structural integrity)
    Heating System
    (ventilation, combustion chamber, air filtration, air flow)
    Central Air Conditioning System
    ductwork, air conditioner and lines, and other visible related HVAC components)
    Walks and Driveways
    (siding materials, attachments, windows, doors, sashes and lintels, vents, entryways, and other visible exterior related components)
    Built-in Appliances
    (operation, water leakage, safety concerns)
    Plumbing System & Fixtures
    (water distribution system, hose bibs, sinks and faucets, bath/showers and toilets,  and other plumbing system components)
    Garages, Carports, Workshops or Other External Buildings
    Surface Drainage
    (proper exterior grading and water drainage)
    Windows & Doors
    (operation, fit, function, screens)
    Gutters & Down spouts
    (operation, proper drainage, configuration)
    (structural integrity, safety items, moisture control)
    Sump Pumps

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Sometimes clients like to review exactly what is and what is not inspected.  As a member of NACHI, the most predominate and prestigious home inspectors association in the US, I adhere to and utilize the Standards of Practice adopted and recommended by them.  This document will present in great detail exactly what is and what is not inspected by a Certified  NACHI Home Inspector.   The button link below “Additional Information” will take you to that document where you can review exactly what NACHI recommends for a home inspection.

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