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Approximately 5.3 million homes will be sold in the United States this year and several millions of rental units will change occupants this year.  Chances are that many of these properties are contaminated with Narcotics.

The United States makes up approximately 8 % of the world’s population but it consumes 60% of the world’s illegal drugs.   America has a drug problem!   According to the U.S. Department of Labor, more than a million Americans use some type of illegal substance.

It is estimated that there are 600,000 undiscovered meth amphetamine laboratories in America.   They are found in both commercial properties and residential housing and half of all clandestine meth labs are located in rental properties.   Only one in ten meth labs are ever found therefore, unknown meth labs go unreported.   Thirty individual states do not maintain clandestine drug laboratory (CDL) lists.   Therefore there are very limited public records listing properties that have been involved with meth amphetamine production.


5 Reasons Why You Should Have Your Home Or Apartment Tested For The Presence Of Previous Drugs

  • Meth Labs have long term material issues - - The chemicals used in the manufacturing of
    Meth amphetamine do not dissipate with time.
  • Narcotic residue can be hazardous - - Any narcotic residue left behind by prior occupants can be hazardous to you, the buyer, the tenant, and anyone living in close proximity to the property.
  • Meth can be produced anywhere - - Production of meth can take place in any structure. Don't assume that any property is above Meth.
  • Protect yourself from unexpected clean up costs - - The cost of cleaning up these sites can run into tens of thousands of dollars.   In some case, the home must be completed demolished.
  • Aids in complying with new lending rules - - More and more lenders are requiring some type of environmental review prior to lending.


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"The ability to test surfaces of a property could save buyers thousands on remediation costs, and protect their family from harmful chemical exposure. It is about time..."

name withheld DEA Special Agent

"Every home buyer and every property manager should insist on this test. It will not only protect their financial investment, but will diminish their liability."

Mona Patton AZ, Real Estate Agent

Beneath The Shadows Home Inspections uses the FIRST and ONLY complete surface drug test kits that are able to detect 6 different families of drugs in trace amounts, in any form, down to 12 nanograms or 12 billionths of a gram.  The test will identify Meth amphetamines, Amphetamines, THC, Cocaine, Opiates, and PCP.  The test looks for the raw parent drug.  Masking is nearly impossible.  After the test is complete, a permanent record remains.

Whenever a positive test result is obtained, a secondary test will be conducted to validate the initial test results.   Thus virtually eliminating the false positives and false negatives that occur when conducting any test of this nature.

How will you handle a stigmatized property disclosure of a former meth lab, pot farm, or drug crime site?

How do you protect your career, your reputation, your ethics and your clients?

“Stigmatized property disclosure laws vary considerably from state to state.
Agents who work in states that don’t offer specific legal guidelines face a tough dilemma.
There is very little case law dealing with disclosing information on stigmatized properties.

Disclosure decisions are even more difficult in cases where a sales associate is unable to verify the facts of a reported problem or even determine whether it occurred.

Even if your state has a statute that exempts you from having to disclose stigmatized property, these laws usually don’t prohibit disclosure. 

And such a statute doesn’t allay the uncomfortable feeling that you’re “holding out” on your buyer clients.   If you’re like most of the real estate salespeople I know, you’re torn between the fear of losing your buyer clients’ trust and that of facing a lawsuit from owners who don’t want the stigma disclosed.

The list of such dilemmas in this area is seemingly endless: As a seller’s agent, telling buyers about a property’s stigma without the seller’s permission could be a breach of fiduciary duty.   But if the buyers you’re working with as customers ask you directly about a property stigma, you run the liability risk of misrepresentation if you fail to tell the truth about what you know.

As a buyer’s representative, you’d probably have a fiduciary obligation to inform your clients of anything you know about a property even if such disclosure is exempted by state law.”  December 1, 2003 – Realtor Magazine, Author:   Raine Zygmunt.


Help your clients understand the value of a drug test prior to closing.  As a certified home inspector, I strongly recommend all homes be tested for the possibility of drug residue.


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