Rental Properties Inspections

Why have a Home Inspection on an Investment Property?

The following illustrates some of the deficiencies that can be uncovered by a good inspection.  This could have caused the owner some serious legal problems.

With every inspection, a detailed report is generated which provides both commentary and pictures.

The inspection will cover all of the major systems of a property, including structure, exterior, roofing, electrical, heating, cooling, insulation, plumbing and interior, as listed below.

Sometimes clients like to review exactly what is and what is not inspected.  As a member of NACHI, the most predominate and prestigious home inspectors association in the US, I adhere to and utilize the Standards of Practice adopted and recommended by them.  This document will present in great detail exactly what is and what is not inspected by a Certified NACHI Home Inspector.   The button link below “Additional Information” will take you to that document where you can review exactly what NACHI recommends for a home inspection.

Why should owners that rent properties have them inspected?

Here is a prime example of some defects that can occur over time with a home (rental property).  If you own and rent a home in this condition, you may expose yourself to serious legal actions.  Don’t take the chance, get your home or apartments inspected.

“This home is for sale and the Seller is using it as a rental. The young couple inside is fresh out of college and is planning to use the wood stove for heat. The chimney above the roof looks fine, but inside the attic, the chimney is a fire waiting to happen. In one picture at the bottom is a pile of mortar that has turned to sand. The second picture shows an actual gap that goes straight through the chimney into the liner area and the wood rafter embedded in the chimney since original  construction.  A fire can occur when the creosote build up ignites and blazes through the brick gaps and ignites the wood rafter which is tied into the roof of course. If this happens at 2:00 AM while the tenants are asleep, it could be deadly. Everybody was glad that there was a home inspection performed. All property owners that rent, should consider a periodical home inspectionproperty managers problems_2property managers problems_1

Inspector: Russell Buchanan