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Dear Mr. Nelson (Beneath The Shadows Home Inspections)

We were so impressed by the thoroughness and complete job you did with your inspection of the home we are buying.  Your insights were so much more detailed than we could ever have looked for.  We feel we will enjoy this house more because everything that needed to be fixed will be taken care of while they are small problems instead of having them become big problems.  Thank you so much for your expertise.  We appreciated your work very much.


Larry and Paige Webb
Syracuse, Utah

Dear Dale,

We knew of your qualifications, your expertise, and talents  inspecting homes from the years of our interactions.  It is for this reason, when we purchased our new home in Texas, that we wanted you to do the inspection.  Your inspection caught numerous items that would have cost us several thousand dollars to repair or fix at a later date.  These were items that even the VA inspector had missed.  

You would think that a new home would be fault free, or would not have serious problems, but you certainly proved that completely wrong.  The cost of flying you down here was repaid numerous times over by the items you found.  This was one of our best decisions.

Thank you so much for such a complete and thorough inspection.  You not only exceeded our expectations, you completely blew us away with everything you found.  With the information you supplied, we were able to get the builder to fix or adjust every problem you identified.

We would highly recommend you to anyone thinking about having a home inspection.  They would not be able to find a better inspector.

Warmest thanks and appreciation

A & A Smith
Abilene, TX

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

So I have to do my duty to help someone out. My reason for doing this is because this man did 2 inspections for us, and he went so far beyond our expectations I cant help but to give him a little shout out. He is starting his own business doing home and commercial inspections. He really is awesome and totally worth the money. We honestly got him the first time cause he was the cheapest we could find, and he blew us out of the water.
So here is his information if you ever need a home inspection.
His name is Dale Nelson.

cell number is: 801-540-2994

Posted by mkchilds at 9:32 PM on family blog


Dear Dale,

You did a great job on this. 

Thanks again for the great job.

Richland Insurance Services

Dear Beneath The Shadows Home Inspections,

Thank you for providing such a thorough and complete analysis and inspection of our home.  Your attitude, inspection, and report clearly matches your company motto, of “Exceeding Your Customers Expectations”.  Clearly, you exceeded our expectations.  Thank you for taking the extra time we needed to understand the inspection and your findings.  You helped us understand some of the critical components of our home that will help us the rest of our lives.
We will certainly  recommend you to any and all of our friends, family, and acquaintances, and to all those who read this testimonial.

Again, thanks for such a wonderful job.

With appreciation,

Z & C
Syracuse, UT

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